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Private hospital, East Of England

Fitzwilliam Hospital (formerly Capio Fitzwilliam Hospital) is a leading private hospital, situated in the quiet landscaped grounds of the Milton Estate in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.The hospital opened in 1983 and currently has 59 bedrooms including two double rooms all with en-suite facilities to

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Fitzwilliam Hospital - Ramsay Health Care UK Reviews

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"knee operation" by na
Submitted on: 19 Dec 2018

I was looked after very well from the time I arrives til I was discharged ...

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"Teething " by Farmerboy
Submitted on: 23 Nov 2018

Well looked after. Excellent staff ...

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"Knee arthriscopy" by Gavin
Submitted on: 23 Oct 2018

All staff were excellent - helpful and polite at all times. Communication was good throughout. However, room layout was a little
cramped with the positioning of the two chairs. ...

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"excellent in every aspect" by rebecca 1976
Submitted on: 8 Oct 2018

From my initial consultation right through to my surgery and nursing care the total care i received from the hospital was amazing. The
consultant (Joseph Walls) and the anaethetist (Stuart Booth) bot ...

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"Too long on my own prior to operation" by Jantie
Submitted on: 15 Sep 2018

The pre assessment was fine and very thorough. On the day of the operation I was taken to a room on the upper floor near the operating
theatre and left on my own for a long time before being moved ...

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"Overall Hospital Care & Treatment" by ToneAlone79
Submitted on: 15 Aug 2018

First class treatment and care. Everything was fully communicated to the patient and questions were sought at every stage. I am home
now and very pleased the treatment - to which I was not looking ...

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"John" by J
Submitted on: 20 Apr 2018

All Staff, Doctors and Consultant were very professional, putting me at ease during all aspects of my treatment. ...

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"MRI" by Traveller
Submitted on: 10 Apr 2018

Fantastic care from staff. Only problem the report was not comprehensive enough. and the area reported to staff to be checked was not
highlighted in the medical report ...

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"Ulnar Nerve Treatment" by Neil
Submitted on: 10 Mar 2018

Excellent care at the hospital. Lovely staff, great facilities and treatment appeared to go very well. ...

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"Excellent Care" by Mark
Submitted on: 2 Dec 2017

Having never had an operation before I was very apprehensive but all the staff were so caring, professional and efficient that it filled
me with confidence.Hospital was spotless and the treatment its ...

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