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Orwell Private Cardiothoracic Unit - Ramsay Health Care UK (8)
Private hospital, East Of England

The Orwell Private Cardiothoracic Unit is a leading private patient facility situated within the Essex Cardiothoracic Centre located at Basildon University Hospital. This private unit is a dedicated facility managed and staffed by Ramsay Health Care. The unit opened in May 2008 and has eight single ...

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Orwell Private Cardiothoracic Unit - Ramsay Health Care UK Reviews

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"Adrian" by Adrian
Submitted on: 26 Apr 2017

I was most anxious but the staff/team and environment were superb inspiring confidence. The organisation and professionalism of the team
carrying out the procedure was excellent as was pre and post c ...

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"Angiogram and Stent Insertion " by Heartfelt thanks
Submitted on: 17 Mar 2017

Absolutely first class service. From my he time I arrived and throughout the treatment and recovery the Staff were superb. Special
thanks to Bic and Bogdan on the ward. The theatre staff were magnifi ...

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"Treatment and care " by Cc
Submitted on: 15 Mar 2017

The staff and treatment were second to none. I cannot praise all the staff enough for there very special care. ...

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"patient care" by CJR
Submitted on: 15 Dec 2016

When I arrived in the ward I was terrified! Every member of the staff from the Consultant, Mr Phen to all the nursing staff were very
reassuring and explained clearly every step clearly. I cannot pra ...

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"Professional" by J
Submitted on: 11 Dec 2016

Professional and caring treatment all round. Thank you. ...

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"Stents" by Les
Submitted on: 23 Apr 2016

I entered the hospital with some trepidation, but was immediately put at ease by ALL the wonderful staff. So professional, caring
and friendly. Nothing was too much. Usually hospital food is d ...

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"Fantastic" by Telboy
Submitted on: 8 Jul 2015

Wonderful Conditions within the Orwell Private Suite. Superb Staff who were all efficient, caring, and professional. I could not have
been looked after better. I came home thinking that if you neede ...

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"Excellent care" by Benji
Submitted on: 5 Feb 2015

The staff and the care were faultless ...

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