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Private hospital, East Of England

Rivers Hospital is a leading private hospital in Hertfordshire, situated in quiet landscaped grounds in Sawbridgeworth.Treatments at the hospital include Arthroscopy, Hip replacement, Knee Replacement, Breast Enlargement, Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, Hernia Surgery, Cataract Surgery, Gastroscopy and Varicose veins.

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Rivers Hospital - Ramsay Health Care UK Reviews

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"Total hip replacement " by N
Submitted on: 28 Jul 2021

Due to an accident then surgery that didn’t go as expected I was referred to Mr Kutty who informed me that I needed a total hip
replacement operation, by then my other leg was shorter so I was ap ...

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"Excellent Service" by Hoxtonboy
Submitted on: 28 Oct 2019

Excellent surgery and treatment, very happy with the results ...

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"Fantastic hospital " by Jenny
Submitted on: 10 Sep 2019

I felt mr Ahmad, Maggie his PA and the team at rivers were exceptional from start to finish and my results were amazing. If I had one
niggle it would be the post op bra the Rivers gave me was uncom ...

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"Left L4/L5 Discectomy/Decompression" by An excellent stress free experience
Submitted on: 8 Mar 2019

Can't fault anything. Everyone was friendly, kind, approachable and very experienced and knowledgable in their fields. I was lucky
enough to have Mr Arif Gul and his team for my treatment, from my fi ...

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"Reassurance and Results" by Brew
Submitted on: 19 Oct 2018

Although extremely nervous in the build up to my initial consultation; everyone involved i.e. reception staff, consultant and phlebotomy
staff really set the tone and built my confidence. On the day ...

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"Excellent experience " by Loulou
Submitted on: 4 Sep 2018

I had a very good experience at this hospital. I was booked in for surgery and had to arrive at 12.30. I was seen promptly with family
in tow! I was shown to my room then I said goodbye to everyone. ...

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"Fibroid treatment/surgery " by Alicia
Submitted on: 26 Jun 2018

I have had all the luck in the world being a patient of Dr Sadia Noreldeen’s Rivers. I recommend her and her team 100%. They have been
the most caring people in an very delicate and stressful situa ...

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"margaret hulme" by maggie
Submitted on: 23 Feb 2018

Excellent treatment and information given by all staff, Mr Mahaluxmivala Consultant,Mr.Patel Anaesthetist and great care by all
nursing staff especially Danielle. A very pleasant place to be if you ...

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"Excellent care, friendly and professional staff" by Steve Dean
Submitted on: 22 Jun 2017

All the staff were very helpful, efficient, friendly and professional, particularly Mr Refson the Consultant and Danielle who was my
Nurse during my visit. The only thing I could say for improvement ...

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"Excellent Care at The Rivers Hospital" by Lisa
Submitted on: 19 Jan 2017

I couldn't have had a more empathetic and kind doctor with Dr Ghosh and then Miss El Farra. Dr Ghosh provided excellent care while I was
admitted with suspected peritonitis and the nursing staff are ...

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