Veincentre Ltd: Nottingham

Veincentre Ltd: Nottingham (60)
Veins clinic, East Midlands

Veincentre Ltd specialises solely in minimally invasive vein treatments. The Consultant Vascular Specialists at Veincentre have performed over 10,000 successful EVLA (EVLT) treatments for varicose veins and never need to resort to surgery and general anaesthesia.

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Veincentre Ltd: Nottingham Reviews

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"Wish I'd had it done years ago" by KLewis
Submitted on: 6 Aug 2019

I was very happy with both the service and treatment at my consultation, procedure and follow up appointments. The staff are all very
friendly but professional. I felt totally at ease and was kept in ...

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"A first class service!" by Bobsteven
Submitted on: 5 Jul 2019

Hi, I first had this treatment in 2017 and then again in 2019 for a similar problem. I had very large varicose veins, but after these
treatments they have totally disappeared. Yes it is a shame th ...

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"Varicose vein treatment" by Viv Wagstaff
Submitted on: 5 Jul 2019

The outcome of my varicose vein treatment has been Amazing. Dr Mark Regi & his team explained the procedure well And what the outcome
would be. I can now wear shorts & dresses For the first tim ...

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"Thank you Veincentre" by Barry51
Submitted on: 4 Jun 2019

I was turned down for treatment by the NHS even though my veins and the skin scalation to the ankle were adjudged to be stage 4 by my
GP. I therefore approached the Veincentre for a consultation whic ...

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"Varicose Veins" by Runner
Submitted on: 25 Apr 2019

Duncan Drury was fantastic, lovely chap and knows exactly what he is doing. My veins were sorted first time round and there wasn't a
need for further treatment. My only gripe was having to pay £300 ...

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"Vein treatment" by Jack
Submitted on: 11 Mar 2019

Very successful treatment of very bad varicose veins despite being told by a surgeon that surgery was only effective treatment. I
would recommend this to anyone considering whether it's worthwhile ...

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"Veins" by Leicester Lass
Submitted on: 5 Feb 2019

Efficient, friendly, good value for money, good communication. ...

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"Thread vein treatment" by Elle
Submitted on: 2 Feb 2019

I had three sessions with Dr Regi to deal with thread veins on my legs. The treatment went very well and Dr Regi and the nurse were very
communicative, helpful and pleasant. I had complete confidence ...

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"Very effective treatment" by Jillpia
Submitted on: 21 Jan 2019

I was very pleased with my treatment and with the standard of care I received. The clinic kept me fully informed at all stages and the
literature provided was very informative. The treatment itself ...

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Submitted on: 16 Jan 2019

I couldn't be happier with the result of my treatment and it is still looking better on a weekly basis! I had researched the
alternatives and found them very expensive and vague on total costs and n ...

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