Veincentre Ltd: Nottingham

Veincentre Ltd: Nottingham (76)
Veins clinic, East Midlands

Veincentre Ltd specialises solely in minimally invasive vein treatments. The Consultant Vascular Specialists at Veincentre have performed over 40,000 successful EVLA (EVLT) treatments for varicose veins and never need to resort to surgery and general anaesthetic.

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Veincentre Ltd: Nottingham Reviews

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"Worth Every Penny. Thank You." by Sid
Submitted on: 28 Jan 2020

A full year after my treatment and I am extremely happy with the results. Treatments dates Dec 2018 & Jan 2019. Both my legs were bad
but prominently on my right chin was a varicose vein that was so ...

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"Varicose vein treatment" by Norfolklass
Submitted on: 13 Jan 2020

I chose the vein centre as they were so clear and upfront about costs and had received good results from the care quality commission. To
be so transparent on patient pathways and estimated costs was ...

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"The Veincentre Nottingham" by MW
Submitted on: 13 Dec 2019

Having been told by my GP that the only way I could get my veins treated was thru’ private clinic I did some research and ended up
going with the Veincentre with Nottingham being the easiest clinic ...

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"Absolutely fabulous!" by Kat
Submitted on: 10 Dec 2019

Mr Duncan Drury, Consultant Vascular Surgeon's, treatment and care was faultless from the initial consultation to the last visit for
sclerotherapy and a review following the EVLA treatment. Mr Drury ...

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"Great Result" by Chris
Submitted on: 29 Nov 2019

I had bad veins in both legs which are now no longer visible - great result. The only thing non positive thing I would feedback is
that the EVLA was more intrusive/traumatic than I was expecting. ...

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"Veincentre Nottingham " by Linda
Submitted on: 24 Nov 2019

My initial consultation with Dr. Regi was informative and reassuring. He advised me on the best treatment option (EVLA plus
sclerotherapy), and explained how he would perform it. During the EVLA pr ...

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"No more veins" by Dotty
Submitted on: 18 Nov 2019

Excellent care and treatment. All staff wonderful. Consultant superb. Highly recommend. ...

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"Why did I wait so long" by Gordon
Submitted on: 8 Nov 2019

The procedure was a bit more uncomfortable than I expected and it took about three weeks before my legs were pain free walking around,
however my veins were very large so should have expected it.The ...

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"Wish I’d done it sooner!" by Rachel H
Submitted on: 1 Nov 2019

Staff were professional and process clear Explanation and diagnosis clear Treatment quick and staff dealing really put me at ease.
Fun and caring Really pleased with results and now wish I’d d ...

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"Varicose vein treatment" by JW
Submitted on: 28 Oct 2019

Had been suffering with severe varicose eczema due Tuesday varicose vein in left leg. Had to go private and after extensive research
made appointment with Veincentre in Nottingham . Wasn’t disappoi ...

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