Veincentre Ltd: Leeds

Veincentre Ltd: Leeds (4)
Veins clinic, Yorkshire & The Humber

Veincentre is Europe's leading varicose veins clinic providing the highest quality of care at an affordable price. Specialising solely in minimally invasive vein treatments, their Consultant Vascular Surgeons have performed over 40,000 successful EVLA (EVLT) treatments. All treatments are walk-in, walk-out, require no general anaesthetic and no time off work.

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Veincentre Ltd: Leeds Reviews

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"Just excellent!" by Argene
Submitted on: 1 Dec 2021

I had treatment for varicose veins at the Leeds Clinic with Dr. Steve Goode. I am impressed with the overall experience. After two
rounds, the outcome is very satisfactory. All staff at the Clinic ar ...

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"Amazing! " by Jamila
Submitted on: 18 Aug 2021

I had such a fab experience using this clinic, Mr Dominic Dodd and Emma Jones who was assisting were fantastic. Mr Dodds was so
knowledgeable and they both put me completely at ease. I loved the frie ...

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"Miss" by S
Submitted on: 29 Jun 2021

Huge thanks to Dominic Dodd and Emma Jones who totally put me at ease throughout my treatment. Excellent care and amazing results just
wish I had done it years ago! ...

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"Vein Treatment" by Vein Treatment
Submitted on: 27 Nov 2020

Centre staff were very friendly and answered all queries when I booked my appointment. Clinic staff were lovely and explained the
procedure in detail. Made to feel at ease during procedures which wer ...

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