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Physiotherapy clinic, South East England

Back2Normal is a network of specialist clinics treating neck and back pain. The treatment is so revolutionary that it offers success where others have failed. Their outstanding results are due to the standard techniques used in all of their clinics and the use of the specialised DBC equipment.

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"" by Lorriane
Submitted on: 22 Dec 2010

After being refereed to Back2Normal by a Spinal Specialist i was slightly reluctant about having yet more Physiotherapy treatment as I
thought my only chances of being relieved of my back pains was b ...

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"Long term back pain = better at last" by OliviaH
Submitted on: 19 Dec 2010

I went to Back 2 Normal on a recommendation from a friend and they certainly didn't disappoint. I've had back pain for as long as I can
remember and have tried every treatment under the sun. My physi ...

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