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Private hospital, Yorkshire & The Humber

Park Hill Hospital (formerly Capio Park Hill Hospital) offers a wide range of surgical procedures, together with extensive diagnostic and treatment facilities. Park Hill also has access to a full range of support services, including intensive care, CT and MRI scanning, coronary care, cardio-respirat

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Park Hill Hospital - Ramsay Health Care UK Reviews

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"Surgeon good - Admin hopeless" by Gone deaf listening to their phone options
Submitted on: 5 Sep 2019

I had no problems with the procedure but the admin of this hospital is hopeless! When you ring all number options take you round in a
circle. Even using a direct number the staff rarely answer the ...

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"Best life choice I ever made" by Maggie
Submitted on: 15 Jun 2018

It is 1 year since I had my operation for the gastric band. I have lost 5 stone in 1 year, and I am the happiest I have been in years.
My operation was carried out by Mr Ballachandra, from the moment ...

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"Ear Clinic fails to deliver" by Charles
Submitted on: 28 Jan 2017

Advised the cost and agreed additional fee for a hearing test. test completed but no removal attempted as equipment was not functional.
Advised that another appointment would incur an additional fee ...

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