Veincentre Ltd: Stoke on Trent

Veincentre Ltd: Stoke on Trent (78)
Veins clinic, West Midlands

Veincentre is Europe's leading varicose veins clinic providing the highest quality of care at an affordable price. Specialising solely in minimally invasive vein treatments, their Consultant Vascular Surgeons have performed over 40,000 successful EVLA (EVLT) treatments. All treatments are walk-in, walk-out, require no general anaesthetic and no time off work.

4.81 out of 5

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Veincentre Ltd: Stoke on Trent Reviews

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"Veincentre - Stoke-on-Trent" by Colin
Submitted on: 11 Feb 2021

After my initial treatment and follow up appointment at the Veincentre Stoke-on-Trent I am extremely pleased with the results. The staff
were both friendly and professional with all necessary Covid p ...

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"I was very nervous and made to feel totally at ease all the way through the process." by Jim
Submitted on: 10 Feb 2021

I was very nervous and made to feel totally at ease all the way through the process. The traffic was bad and I arrived an hour late.
The team re arranged their schedule to accommodate this. Fro ...

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"Treatment of Varicose Veins in both legs" by JohnG
Submitted on: 19 Nov 2020

The procedure was explained in detail to me prior to and during the treatment and this made me feel calm and relaxed. The treatment was
relatively pain free. I attended a follow up appointment, 8 w ...

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"Back to Lovely legs " by Lovely legs
Submitted on: 13 Nov 2020

This was an excellent service from beginning to end with friendly staff and expert diagnosis with on the spot immediate treatment
offered which I agreed to - I was able to watch on the ultrasound scr ...

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"Post laser and foam" by Nick B
Submitted on: 9 Jun 2020

Efficient quality treatment at a good price, all covid precautions in place. ...

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"Great end result" by Anne
Submitted on: 10 Feb 2020

Had my first treatment in Nov 2019. Extremely painful at the time and became more painful after a week and remained sensitive for
several weeks. However, the results were very good. When I returned r ...

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"Should I or Shouldn't I " by Paul, Cumbria
Submitted on: 7 Dec 2019

For years now I've had large unattractive varicose veins in both legs. I'd been thinking about getting them treated over and over again
but the cost had put me off every time. After months of googlin ...

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"unique proceedure" by brickman
Submitted on: 28 Nov 2019

Absolutely astonished at the results.Brilliant easy comfortable treatment by excellent people. ...

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"Mr" by Mark
Submitted on: 16 Sep 2019

I have suffered from Varicose Eczema on my low legs for some time and it was getting worse, recent Doctors visits recommended I get
specialist from a Varicose Vein Consultant. After looking at a good ...

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"Varicose vein treatment" by CM
Submitted on: 4 Jul 2019

Professional friendly service. I chose to attend Veincentre as I wanted treatment for my varicose veins but didn't have the capacity
to take time off work. I was able to complete my treatment prog ...

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