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Private hospital, South West England

New Hall Hospital is one of Wiltshire`s leading private hospitals with an excellent reputation for delivering high quality healthcare treatments and services. Situated in 14 acres of quiet, landscaped parkland two miles south of Salisbury, the Georgian Manor House was opened as a hospital in 1980 and currently has 43 patient beds.

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New Hall Hospital - Ramsay Health Care UK Reviews

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"Spinal Surgery " by Sfhughes
Submitted on: 17 Mar 2021

I have absolutely no hesitation in thoroughly recommending New Hall Hospital. The care and attention not only to my Surgery but also
the Covid regulations was second to none. From my Surgeon ( Mik ...

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"Jane Belcher" by Jane
Submitted on: 24 Mar 2020

One was a little apprehensive but through the whole process the team of staff were a complete ray of sunshine. Making the experience a
positive one. ...

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"Hernia" by Devonian
Submitted on: 10 Feb 2020

Attended New Hall to have a Hernia Operation. Everything was FIRST CLASS,from the Nurse who did the Pre-Med to the to the Surgeon and
All his assistants. The Ward Nurses on duty the one night I sta ...

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"Hernia Operation" by Hernia
Submitted on: 3 Sep 2019

First time for an operation at Newhall my local private hospital and I was very impressed by the overall experience. I had a general
anaesthetic but had a problem coming round after the operation. T ...

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"4 Nights in New Hall" by Dave
Submitted on: 6 Apr 2019

Had Patient specific total knee replacement. operation went very well recovery ok, but suffered from bowel problems due to anaesthetic
that I wasn't expecting. The food had a good selection but wa ...

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