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British Varicose Vein Centre (5)
Veins clinic, South East England

If you suffer from the embarrassment of unsightly varicose or thread veins you will want to ensure the highest standards of varicose vein surgery and treatment at a time to suit you. The British Varicose Vein Centre understand that comfort and appearance is important to you as well as the reassurance of being able to obtain the most effective treatment without having to wait.

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British Varicose Vein Centre Reviews

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"Varicose Vein Removal" by Roussillon35
Submitted on: 25 Oct 2016

Diagnosis was excellent with scans to identify what was causing the swelling. The surgeon's review of the case was superb and his
advice and proposals were second-to-none. The operation itself was ...

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"Varicose veins on upper leg" by Fanny
Submitted on: 19 Oct 2016

I had a very good experience at the St John and St Elizabeth Hospital where I underwent a procedure to have one varicose vein removed by
laser. The clinic is first class and so was the care. Staff we ...

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"Traveling from Asia specifically to get under the car of Mr. D. Greenstein" by Juliette
Submitted on: 29 Aug 2016

After my move from London to Asia, I have traveled several times to continue necessary treatments with Mr. Greenstein. My experience
with his Personal Assistant, Ms. Angela Miller, the Nurses at the ...

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"Doctor Greenstien excellent Doctor" by Jenny
Submitted on: 31 May 2016

Doctor Greenstien is a excellent!!! Doctor Am impressed with the treatment that has been given to me for my varicose and spider vein,
now I can able to wear short skirt and swimming costume that I'v ...

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"Mr Greenstein" by Andrea
Submitted on: 21 May 2016

Mr Greenstein has enormously improved my legs. More importantly he identified an earlier misdiagnosis of lymphodoema which was a great
relief and has encouraged me into a healthier lifestyle. I think ...

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