Veincentre Ltd: London

Veincentre Ltd: London (118)
Veins clinic, South East England

Veincentre is Europe's leading varicose veins clinic providing the highest quality of care at an affordable price. Specialising solely in minimally invasive vein treatments, their Consultant Vascular Surgeons have performed over 40,000 successful EVLA (EVLT) treatments. All treatments are walk-in, walk-out, require no general anaesthetic and no time off work.

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Veincentre Ltd: London Reviews

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"Good result and good patient care." by CB
Submitted on: 3 Aug 2023

Successful treatment of varicose vein behind knee and down calf which had developed over last 10years and was looking horrible (for a
40year old) Cost is expensive but the treatment and consultation ...

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"Excellent Care" by Denisa L
Submitted on: 29 Apr 2023

I am very pleased with Dr Leto Mailli, procedure was painless, quick and efficient. I was not having to many thread veins anyway and
were very tiny. I chose this procedure more for cosmetic appearan ...

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"Ms" by Carrie
Submitted on: 23 Mar 2022

A very good experience with the vein centre and am very pleased with the results. From the booking process to the wonderful Dr. Mailli
all the staff were very professional, friendly and caring. The ...

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"Vein treatment " by Michele
Submitted on: 18 Mar 2022

I was a little nervous about my treatment but everyone was very kind and put me at ease. I had EVLA and foam schlorotherapy. Whilst it
was not particularly pleasant, it wasn’t particularly painful ...

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"Kim" by Kim
Submitted on: 18 Mar 2022

Excellent care and attention. Any side effects were explained thoroughly. Doctor Thoraya was very chatty through the process making me
feel at ease. ...

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"Vein treatment " by Vein not vain
Submitted on: 17 Mar 2022

Instructions prior to the visit were excellent so I knew what was in store and what I should bring. Clare and her team on reception were
excellent combining efficiency and warmth. The consultant. Ben ...

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"MR" by NS
Submitted on: 26 Jan 2022

Excellent care by both Dr. Leto Mailli and Rima (the Nurse). ...

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"Very pleased with the result!" by Gavin F
Submitted on: 7 Jan 2022

Attended the London Veincentre for treatment of a varicose vein in my left calf, which was causing unsightly and painful internal
bleeding on the side of my foot, and itching at the back of my leg. ...

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"Private vein treatment " by Market man
Submitted on: 6 Aug 2021

Attended vein Centre for preliminary consultation and then ultimately had 2 visits to treat varicose veins in 1 leg .Treatment was
painless and the doctor and assistant were extremely helpful and mad ...

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"Vein treatment" by Helen
Submitted on: 1 Jul 2021

I was very apprehensive about having treatment having already had veins stripped twice in my left leg. However my concerns and
questions were thoroughly addressed before and during treatment. The la ...

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