Veincentre Ltd: London

Veincentre Ltd: London (86)
Veins clinic, South East England

Veincentre Ltd specialises solely in minimally invasive vein treatments. The Consultant Vascular Specialists at Veincentre have performed over 10,000 successful EVLA (EVLT) treatments for varicose veins and never need to resort to surgery and general anaesthesia.

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Veincentre Ltd: London Reviews

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"More Energy" by Mary
Submitted on: 21 Jan 2020

I am so pleased to share with you I no longer have to wear compression stockings after 7 years of putting them on everyday or feel the
need to raise my legs every time I sit to relax. I have much mor ...

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"varicose vein left leg " by vv
Submitted on: 9 Jan 2020

I am so very happy I (finally) decided to have this treatment. I was very nervous but everything about the procedure is thoroughly
explained. Dr Sam Stuart was brilliant. Apart from minor stings of t ...

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"vein centre" by Susan
Submitted on: 7 Jan 2020

I was very happy with the treatment I recieved at Veincentre in London The doctor , nurse and receptionist were very friendly ,
helpful and professional at all times . Everything was explained to ...

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"varicose veins" by David
Submitted on: 24 Dec 2019

I have had discomfort and cramp in my legs and feet for 20 years or more. I have not experienced any cramp or discomfort in my legs
since having the procedure in September . I am very pleased wit ...

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"EVLA / foam sclerotherapy" by danny
Submitted on: 11 Dec 2019

Dr West explained the cause of condition and the following procedure in very clear / concise detail. A very relaxed environment which
had a calming effect making one feeling very relaxed. I would ...

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"Veincentre" by Tim
Submitted on: 6 Dec 2019

Full marks - an excellent experience all round. This is in complete contrast to another private consultation I had some years previously
where I was treated by the investigating surgeon like an objec ...

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Submitted on: 29 Nov 2019

A big thank you to Dr. Ammar and Jenny for providing me with such professional and caring treatment. Everyone in that clinic is just
lovely! I was very nervous but they really put me at ease by e ...

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"Professional environment that delivers incredible results" by Ben
Submitted on: 7 Nov 2019

After living with varicose veins for the best part of four years, and them getting considerably worse throughout that time, I decided to
get treatment. After doing some research in the London area I ...

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"Great service" by Darren
Submitted on: 2 Oct 2019

Excellent service - great communication pre- and post procedure, loads of information including treatments and pricing. My consultant
Ben Robertson and his assistant Rima are professional whilst bei ...

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"Excellent " by Heather
Submitted on: 28 Sep 2019

I had been thinking of treatment for years and put off as I thought it was going to be hassle wearing the stockings after treatment. In
fact it is a very short period when that is necessary and they ...

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