Veincentre Ltd: London

Veincentre Ltd: London (110)
Veins clinic, South East England

Veincentre is Europe's leading varicose veins clinic providing the highest quality of care at an affordable price. Specialising solely in minimally invasive vein treatments, their Consultant Vascular Surgeons have performed over 40,000 successful EVLA (EVLT) treatments. All treatments are walk-in, walk-out, require no general anaesthetic and no time off work.

4.77 out of 5

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Veincentre Ltd: London Reviews

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"Be aware!" by Johnny
Submitted on: 5 Aug 2020

My experience at this clinic was satisfactory. However, I would advise anyone thinking of having these treatments to be aware that
results are certainly not immediate. Nine months after my treatment, ...

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"Varicose Vein Treatment" by Sarah HD
Submitted on: 20 Jul 2020

I had large varicose veins on my legs after having two children. The Veincentre were excellent in every respect. They were easy to
communicate with and the process was very professionally managed. Th ...

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"Phlebectomy Treatment at Veincentre" by AB
Submitted on: 16 Jul 2020

I have recently had phlebectomies at The Veincentre and am really pleased with the results. The before, during and aftercare service
was great: friendly, professional and efficient. I felt like I ...

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"Amazing " by Tasa
Submitted on: 15 Jul 2020

I found this clinic on internet,and choose purely by reading the comments from patients.I was quite nervous on the day when I had my
treatment.But I honestly can't say enough have nice and profess ...

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"Foam Sclerotherapy" by Su
Submitted on: 11 Jul 2020

I had two sessions of foam sclerotherapy injections in the London Veincentre in 2018. I remember being very nervous about choosing the
right clinic, but following my consultation with Dr. Thoraya Amm ...

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"Goodbye veins " by Paddy
Submitted on: 8 Jul 2020

After years of having very unsightly veins and feeling uncomfortable wearing shorts I decided to finally do something. My treatment at
the Vien Centre was exceptional in every way, the staff were fri ...

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"Vein Centre and Dr Sam Stuart" by Simon
Submitted on: 7 Jul 2020

I don't normally give reviews but I was so impressed by the treatment that I received from the Vein Centre and Dr Stuart that I thought
that I would share my experience. I had struggled for years ...

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"Excellent treatment" by Nick
Submitted on: 11 Jun 2020

The results of my treatment surpassed my expectations. The medical staff were fantastic, carefully explaining the treatment I would
receive and putting me completely at easy whilst it was performed. ...

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"Farah " by Farah
Submitted on: 4 Jun 2020

Amazing care & amazing results. I can wear skirts & shorts with confidence once more. So happy with everything. I can’t thank Dr Sam
enough for giving me my lovely legs back! ...

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"Treatment" by MJH
Submitted on: 12 Mar 2020

Excellent outcome; very accommodating with regards to the timing of the treatment. Made the whole experience a very easy one. ...

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