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Veincentre Ltd: Oxfordshire (17)
Veins clinic, South East England

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Veincentre Ltd: Oxfordshire Reviews

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"Mr" by Patrick
Submitted on: 16 Feb 2019

It can takes several months to see the full benefits of the treatment. I am already delighted with the results so far. Given it 4 stars
out of 5. Suspect I will be happy to up rate this to 5 stars o ...

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"Great success" by MD
Submitted on: 10 Jan 2019

Dr Raj Patel was excellent in explaining the procedure. Took me through the experience with the help of his lovely nurse. The time
went quickly and apart from the warm sensation of the laser and t ...

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"Wish I’d done it sooner!" by EMP
Submitted on: 6 Dec 2018

I’d put off having any treatment of my varicous veins for many years. Reaseaching treatments and hearing stories from older friends
put me off. However as my veins became worse, ached and throbbed ...

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"One happy customer!" by JH
Submitted on: 16 Oct 2018

I'd already had both my legs done on the NHS so was reluctant to have to have them done again and pay! but I'd wished I'd had them done
earlier. The treatment and results were brilliant. I was put at ...

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"Good outcome so far ..excellent care." by Angie
Submitted on: 18 Sep 2018

I found the Vein Centre..had excellent communication .with good instruction.Raf Patel and his nursing assistants were brilliant ..taking
extreme care in explanation and carried out high quality treat ...

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Submitted on: 12 Aug 2018

Very happy with the final outcome of my treatment at the Vein Centre in Chipping Norton, Dr Suzie Anthony and all staff were very
professional and informative all the way through the procedure, Th ...

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"Veincentre Oxfordshire" by MWT
Submitted on: 31 Jul 2018

First class treatment and service from Dr Suzie Anthony and staff at the Veincentre in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. They were most
professional, courteous and reassuring. Very pleased with the outco ...

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"Jenny " by Jen
Submitted on: 2 Jul 2018

Am hugely delighted with my results and so pleased I had it all done. I was a bit nervous at the start but the friendliness and
professionalism of the staff made me very comfortable. Gold star! ...

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"Swollen varicose veins with itchy eczema resolved" by Andy
Submitted on: 18 Jun 2018

I have had large swollen veins of the calf of one leg for may years and the past 18 months I developed a deteriorating itchy skin
condition that required the application of ointments to reduce the di ...

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"Very Professional and Caring" by Hazelnut
Submitted on: 13 Jun 2018

Delighted with the physical improvement and leg comfort. I found Dr. Raf Patel to be very kind and respectful. Everything was
explained in great detail and the whole procedure was handled very prof ...

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