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Clinic, South East England

Cubex - Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals in London provides a wide range of Audiological services. Their areas of specialisation include hearing aid consultation; fitting and verification; auditory training; diagnostics, hearing protection and tinnitus management.

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Cubex Reviews

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"Best Care Ever!!!" by Margaret
Submitted on: 13 Jun 2013

This team of audiologists are not only professional, extremely knowledgeable and competent specialists, they are also ones of the most
caring healthcare professionals I have ever met. They helped me ...

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"I can hear better" by Stef
Submitted on: 17 Apr 2012

I am grateful to Cubex for making me aware of the importance of understanding my environment fully, and for exposing me to the means to
a much better hearing experience. Wearing hearing aids is not a ...

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"Fantastic service with state-of-the-art devices" by EP
Submitted on: 2 Mar 2012

Cubex has provided my hearing aids for over 10 years. I have found them to be completely professional and very attuned to my needs as a
client. They present solutions for my particular hearing probl ...

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"GP referral" by London GP
Submitted on: 1 Mar 2012

Patient presented with hearing concerns and wanted to be seen as soon as possible. Referred to Cubex, who investigated and treated
promptly, patient was highly satisfied with level of service and fol ...

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"Hearing aid" by Choks
Submitted on: 1 Mar 2012

I used to have collections of both analog and later digital hearing instruments, however, none of them were satisfactory to me, they
went out tune all the time, and weren't comfortable enough. These ...

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"Probably the best in the country" by D P
Submitted on: 29 Feb 2012

Cubex provide a very professional, efficient and friendly service geared to each individual's particular hearing loss. I should
think they probably provide the best hearing loss service in the co ...

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Submitted on: 28 Feb 2012

I was introduced to Cubex via a friend and met Adam Shulberg for the first time last year. Prior to my visit I had worn a very good NHS
hearing aid (and had had excellent service from the NHS) but fe ...

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"Life changing experience" by Caroline
Submitted on: 27 Feb 2012

When I came to visit Cubex I had been living with hearing loss for 36 years and accepted that I would always be hard of hearing. What I
didn't realise that I could improve my hearing and I would be a ...

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"Cubex is extremely good" by Hearing
Submitted on: 24 Feb 2012

I have been to several hearing specialists plus the NHS and I have bought costly, but good equipment - but it was not until I came to
Cubex that I found someone who understood how it all worked (I us ...

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