The Harley Street Eye Clinic

The Harley Street Eye Clinic (2)
Clinic, South East England

The Harley Street Eye Clinic enjoys the services of some of the UK’s leading practitioners in clinical eye care, working with the latest technology to deliver the best ophthalmological treatment and outstandi...

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The Harley Street Eye Clinic Reviews

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"Mr A El-Amir" by Harley Street Eye Clinic
Submitted on: 6 Oct 2021

I was fortunate enough to meet Mr El-Amir earlier this year. I have had a Cataract in my right eye for a number of years but in the
last 18 months it has got significantly worse. I am a patient who ...

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"State of the art equipment and exceptional dedicated doctor" by LJH
Submitted on: 6 Aug 2017

I’m very fortunate to be under the care of Mr El-Amir at his Harley Street Eye practice. I have a complex eye condition which required
dedication, precision timing and his surgical skill to save my ...

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