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Clinic, South East England

Harley Street Hair Clinic are experts in hair loss treatment and are located on Harley Street in Central London. Harley Street Hair Clinic provides a range of services to help people manage their hair loss. Their experienced consultants will meet with you for a consultation and discuss with you the possible methods of combatting hair loss. Every single case is different and Harley Street Hair Clinic strive to ensure that the solutions they offer suit your individual requirements.

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Harley Street Hair Clinic Reviews

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"Highly Professional and extremely friendly staff. Excellent outcome!" by Asad
Submitted on: 11 Nov 2016

I had an issue with thinning hair. I was expertly analysed by Dr Nadeem and he recommended the SMP treatment for me. I was immediately
booked in for the treatment. Within hours I could notice a subst ...

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"Amazing eyebrow transplant results " by Paige
Submitted on: 2 Nov 2016

I have very thin eyebrows and a huge scar in one and having an eyebrow transplant transformed my eyebrows. The results were amazing.
I never realised having such a small change could do so much f ...

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