Ashtead Hospital

Ashtead Hospital (14)
Private hospital, South East England

Ashtead Hospital is one of Surrey`s leading independent hospitals, conveniently situated close to Leatherhead (Junction 9 of the M25). Located in the unusual setting of an old chalk quarry in the heart of Surrey`s Green Belt, the tranquil wooded surroundings provide a peaceful environment to aid sp

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Ashtead Hospital Reviews

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"Dermatology consultation CJH" by CJH
Submitted on: 25 Jul 2018

I suffered terrible lesions on my face for a number of years. I saw x2 dermatologists, had x6 skin peels plus several visits to my GP,
all to no avail. After speaking to several of my healthcare coll ...

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"Needle Fasciotomy/Advanced Dupuytren's Treatment" by R Harwood
Submitted on: 12 Jan 2018

Mr Nick Little is a Consultant Orthopaedic shoulder and upper limb surgeon and I now believe is an expert in the contemporary treatment
of the genetic Dupuytren’s Contracture remedial treatment. H ...

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"Overheated and poor information" by Shuttles
Submitted on: 10 Jul 2017

Asked to fast before hand, arrived at 5 as requested. Room 111 has no airconditionng or fan and was extremely hot.Waited until 715, no
information what so ever until I rang. Poor customer service, an ...

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"Excellent level of care" by Richard1954
Submitted on: 11 May 2017

I was admitted 1.00 pm on Tuesday 4th April and taken down for my operation at 5.00pm. The level of care and attention once entering the
hospital was excellent. Consultant and anaesthetist both came ...

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"Food poor" by Brian
Submitted on: 19 Oct 2015

I was in as a day patient. There was no choice for sandwiches after I recovered. I got 2 rounds of awful sandwiches. Plain white bread
with cheese & boiled egg. Previously they had a sandwich menu ...

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"MRI nightmare" by bemusedman
Submitted on: 26 Jan 2015

Arrived for my scan to find that someone had turned up early and the guy had given them my slot ! only then to be told that they could
not fit me in on the day as they couldn't change my appointment ...

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"It's all about the staff" by Oldboy
Submitted on: 12 May 2014

The nurses and assistants on the second floor inpatient wards were, on the whole, superb - as were the catering staff. The food was also
very good. Physiotherapists were exceptionally professional an ...

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"MRI Appointment System - is a Joke! " by annoyedpatient
Submitted on: 5 Feb 2014

Saw consultant on a Saturday. Was advised I needed to book an MRI Scan. MRI Unit was closed, I was advised that I would receive a call
Monday AM to arrange an appointment. I CALLED Monday PM 13.30 ad ...

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"Brilliant staff" by joan
Submitted on: 26 Sep 2013

The cheerful, friendly and efficient staff at Ashstead Hospital could not have done more for me. They cared to my every need and their
happy dispositions kept me going. Special mention must go to t ...

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"Immediate service" by Aardvark
Submitted on: 22 Apr 2013

Surgical, medical, administrative, accomodation and catering all first class ...

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